Internal Activities

Gabriella Lopez - VP of Internal Activities

Gabriella Lopez - VP of Internal Activities


"I love SAB because it gives me the opportunity to connect with previous alumni to the current student population. This organization consists of some of the brightest and smartest leaders on campus. Through these interactions I have learned to develop professionally and take on new opportunities. My time at OU wouldn’t have been the same without this amazing organization. It was because of SAB that I learned the true meaning of what being a Bobcat really means!”

Fall 2018 Internal  Activities Committee

Fall 2018 Internal Activities Committee

What is the Internal Activities Committee?

The purpose of Internal Activities, is to help strengthen the relationships between our members. Internal Activities is a great experience for people who like to plan, and execute events. It is a very involved committee; with lots of hands on work, and creative freedom!

IA plans events to continue the development of relationships between our members. Some of the events include:

Full Board Retreat is one of IA's biggest events. This event is held to strengthen the bond between SAB buddy families. When? Mid Fall and Spring Semesters

Family Weekend Events are planned for our board members to gather with their families. This includes our annual Mom's Weekend Event. When?  Throughout the year on university scheduled Family Weekends

Mid-week activities are a chance for our board members to get together outside of class and spend some time together doing something fun and relaxing. When? During the week through out the year.

Holiday Events are planned around and during major holidays for our board members to celebrate their favorite occasions with their friends in SAB.

IA also plans events for Homecoming and other occasions throughout the academic year.