We have a true passion for Ohio University.

The President and Executive Board

Tony Cardwell, Charlee Cobb, Eric McMillan, Brendan Hogan, Libby Gayer
Mia Chapman, Nick Preston, Tracy Kondrit, Ryan Kline, Natalie Butko



Tony Cardwell, President

"I SAB because this organization has been my one constant through undergrad and has given me so many opportunities to grow professionally, emotionally and mentally. I've met some of my closest friends through SAB and it has been such a transformative experience that I wouldn't trade for the world!"

Purpose:  SAB is the professional organization at OHIO University that serves to connect current students with the programs and opportunities associated with the Ohio University Alumni Association.   As an organization with 70+ undergraduates, we plan and execute philanthropic and professional events with the students of Ohio University and community members in Athens, OH. 

Do you know a student who would be great for our organization? You can nominate a student to apply for the organization here!

Mission: Our mission is to establish and strengthen the bond between current students and the OHIO University Alumni Association by creating diverse programs and creative activities that yield opportunities  for students and alumni to connect with OHIO.

Our organization is broken up into several committees:                (Click to learn more!)

SAB members ready for the 2017 Homecoming parade

SAB members ready for the 2017 Homecoming parade

          SAB members at the 2016 Full Board Retreat 

          SAB members at the 2016 Full Board Retreat 

We have the Alumni Association to thank for our success!

"The Ohio University Alumni Association helped to found the Student Alumni Board in 1978. Since that time, the office has worked to promote the organization as well as their motto of "students now, alumni later, bobcats forever." Konneker Alumni Center is the home to the Student Alumni Board. The Ohio university Alumni Associate and the Student Alumni board work collaboratively to promote the idea of connecting with bobcat alumni across campus through programming including Dinner with 12 Strangers, Homecoming, and more."
-Katrina Heilmeier

Click HERE to find out more about the Alumni Association and how to get involved.