Finance Committee

Hannah Clouser - VP of Finance

Hannah Clouser - VP of Finance

"I joined SAB my first semester on campus as a freshman. I was looking for ways to get involved and found out about SAB through current members involved with my scholarship. It has proven to be one of the best decisions I've made in college, and some of my best friends have come through this organization. What I love the most is the people and our common cause. Everyone in the group strives for excellence and we all genuinely care about each other and how to improve our professional development and connections with alumni. We are all a part of the Bobcat family, and inside that family our SAB family remains strong!"

What is the Finance Committee?

The Finance Committee is extremely important to SAB, because everyone needs money to plan great events! Although the "committee" is actually just the Vice President of Finance, he or she works with all members of the full board. The VP will collect dues, payments for apparel or events, and help other VPs plan their semester budget. It is also the VP of Finance's job to search for other sources of money in order to expand events and make a better experience for members. This is a great position for those who hope to deal with money and budgets in the future, or for those who simply want to expand their involvement in SAB!

The Financial workshop is an event for board members to learn more about future finances from OU professors. Topics can will include, but are not limited to, investing, mortgages, loans, retirement plans, etc.